Digital Arts


By focusing resources on Reasearch & Development, we keep ourselves on the cutting edge:
We have proyects in 360, and Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR).
Let us know if you'd like to see some of our demos.


Immersive and interactive Virtual Reality experience design for MIM's "Tunnel Universe" astronomy space, which allows its visitors to know the constellations and understand their scale and three-dimensional nature.

Through Virtual Reality devices Oculus Quest, this module is available in the museum, forming part of the largest interactive exhibition of this subject in Latin America.

We created an experience guided by a virtual presenter in a scientific laboratory, where users are teleported to different places, in order to understand the phenomenon of light pollution and the interpretation of the sky according to ancient cultures.

We develop interactive activities for the knowledge of the constellations of the southern hemisphere, the understanding of the sky as an orientation tool and the study of the three-dimensionality of the constellations.


We develop applications to expand reality through technology, creating dedicated experiences strongly attached to a physical product.

An elegant invitation to explore Chile through its long and narrow territory, by pointing to the Vitral Art logo painted in the bottle, and watch as the elements in the design come to life.

“Vitral is an art and handcrafts technic born of nature, developed for telling stories through captivating glass compositions. Wild and extraordinary, it is the perfect recipe to create something unique.”


Development of interactive 3D experiences to travel through real spaces.

We developed a 3d digital model of the Ralli Museum in Santiago with access to all the galleries, an intuitive interface and accessible to all visitors via web, this museum has 18 exhibition rooms to house an important collection of Latin American art, unique in Chile.

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